Forti-Diet Timothy Cubes


Kaytee Timothy Hay Blend Cubes are compressed blocks of nutritious sun-cured Timothy Hay and sun-cured Alfalfa Hay that are ideal as a natural treat and a highly fiber source that complements any Kaytee fortified food. With lower protein and calcium support for urinary health, Timothy Cubes are great for your small animals. These USA-grown treats provide added nutritional variety for your hamsters, mice, gerbils, chinchillas and ferrets.
  • Lower protein and calcium supports urinary health
  • High fiber hay aids in digestive health
  • Provides added nutritional variety
  • Complements any Kaytee fortified food
  • Grown in the USA
  • Blend of sun-cured timothy hay and sun-cured alfalfa hay
  • Compacted cubes limit mess

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