A reactor to supply dissolved calcium and calcium bicarbonate ions to reef aquaria up to 400 liters. The reactor is filled with Hydrocarbonate – a pure form of calcium carbonate with an extremely low phosphate level.

A circulation pump inside the reactor chamber moves the water throughout the media, eliminating any dead areas and ensuring all the hydrocarbonate is utilized. A threaded socket is integrated into the lid of the KR 400 to accept a PG 13.5mm – long – threaded pH probe so that the pH inside the reactor can be monitored. The monitoring and control of the CO2 dosage can be automated by using a pH Computer or AT-Control. The AT-Control can simultaneously monitor the pH of the aquarium and the reactor, making any adjustments very easy.

Recommended options:

✅ pH Probe 13.5mm,
✅ CO2 Set Basic 500,
✅ M-Ventil solenoid valve,
✅ pH Controller or AT-Control.

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