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Dwarf Hamster

Description: Dwarf hamsters originate from Russia, China and Siberia. In the wild they live in burrows in the day to keep cool and they are nocturnal, covering great distances at night. They carry food around in their pouches and hoard it until they are ready to eat. You may find the food bowl empty and the hamster house full! Dwarf hamsters are social creatures and can be kept in same sex pairs or small groups from the same litter. The varieties to choose from are Russian, Chinese and Roborovski.

Feeding: Hamsters should be fed a complete dry food mix and fresh foods such as apples and grapes can be given twice a week. Wood gnaws such as willow, apple and pear branches and mineral licks are essential as they help teeth trim and replace lost minerals. Treats should be fed every now and then, but not too often.