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Our professionally trained and certified dog and cat stylist's are at your service. A great bath or bath with hair cut is always just a call away. PetPlus offers a walk-in grooming service available in Sheikh Zayed Road Store, Mirdiff Ministore, Al Barsha Store, Petzone Chalets.

price list Feline Canine Small Canine Medium Canine Large Canine Extra Large
BAsic service (bathing, nail trimming, eye & ear cleaning) 120aed 120aed 130aed 150aed 180aed
Full Service (basic service + grooming) 200aed 200aed 220aed 250aed 300aed
full shave/ hair cut only (no washing) 150aed 150aed 170aed 200aed 320aed
nail trimming/ clipping 40aed
ear cleaning 40aed
teeth brushing 40aed
dry shower 100aed
anal gland cleaning 40aed
additional de-matting 40aed
medicated shampoo 40aed

PetPlus Offers The Following Grooming Services:

Full Grooming
Showering with shampoo that enhances color of fur
Blow dry
Eye & ear cleaning
Nail cutting

Basic Grooming
NO haircut
Showering with shampoo that enhances color of fur
Blow dry
Eye & ear cleaning
Nail cutting

Full Shave/Hair Cut Only
Trimming & Shaving only
Dry Shower
Shower using a Waterless shampoo
Blow Dry.
Recommended for pets up to 3 months old

Back Shaving
Shaving of the back area only

Nail Cutting/Clipping- NO Haircut
NO Shower
Only nail cutting

Additional Dematting
Removes sticky hair and hairballs
Breaks up tangles


about us

Pets Plus is the leading name in the Pet industry in the UAE, the company was started by two doctors in 2009 and has revolutionized the pets and aquatics industry in the region, it has brought many new concepts, best practices, top quality services, products and equipment to the country and continues to do so. The expert teams on the ground provide the right advice and technical knowledge on Pet care, aquatics systems and fish care in a friendly manner, we always go above and beyond and see our customers as partners in the journey in the passion for animals that drive what we do