Things to consider before getting a pet


Are you thinking of adopting a dog as a new family member?

While dogs are a ray of sunshine that everybody wants in their home, they, like every other member of the family, come with a slew of commitments and costs. So, if you’re thinking about having a doggy, this is the article for you!



Evidently, expenses could differ depending on place and the owner’s style, however these estimates reflect an approximation to allow you to make essential budgetary considerations before becoming a pet owner. So, let’s dive in a break down the most important points.

Food Expenses


Any living creature, including your dog, needs food and water. The amount of dog food your pet requires in a month, as well as the price, is affected by a combination of factors, such as the size of your dog (the larger = more food required), and if they have any medical conditions or requirements. Total: 300-400 Dirhams (can last to 2-3 months)

 Doggy Home Products

you’ll probably want to get them some things to make them feel at home and safe. For example, they must be fed in some kind of dish.

You’ll almost certainly need at least one harness, collar, leash and a doggy bed for them. Other products, such as poop bags, are often needed to properly clean up after your dog. And they’ll definitely want a toy to keep them entertained. All of these products have different prices, but the general total would probably range between 300 to 400 dirhams




What level of care does my pet require?

Attention and playtime will assist your dog in working off nervous energy, toning muscles, and maintaining a healthy weight. The bonding time spent with your pet also supports the mental wellbeing of the dog – whether you go for a walk or just snuggle on the sofa. Although there is no ideal level of care or exercise for any pet, your pet’s physical state, energy level, and age will help you find a balance that benefits both of you.

Inability to relax physically or mentally can cause behavioral and physical health issues in dogs. as dogs are prone to diabetes, obesity and arthritis, making your pet unable to practice or play. If your dog remains on a routine exercise plan, these issues will be dealt with and the potential for other health concerns diminishes.  Some overlooked or abused animals become glum and fatigued, while others are hostile and cynical. Many dogs develop separation fears when their owners go outside and this tension can lead to aggressive tilting of coats, furniture scratching and biting.



Costs of Veterinary Care and Medication: 

We advise that you bring your dog in for an annual health evaluation at least once a year. This is frequently a prerequisite for obtaining medication for dog infection issues, such as flea/tick or heartworm. which is essential to ensure your doggy’s happiness and safety. The price of a regular wellness visit obviously varies based upon each store prices can range from 200 to 300 (depends on what kind of checkup and what breed)

given your dog has anxiety or struggles from soreness and pains CBD oil seems to be another health item you’d consider giving to them. Some doggy owners provide more minerals, probiotics, and supplements to their dogs’ meals.


Brushing your dog’s teeth is a hygienic aspect of caring for your dog that is equally essential as the others. This will help prevent your dog from contracting any possible illnesses and give them a pleasant breath. That being said, it will necessitate the purchase of enzymatic dog toothpaste. That being said, it will necessitate the purchase of enzymatic dog toothpaste.


And, of course, we must not overlook the grooming aspect; dogs, particularly those dogs that spend most of their day outside, need grooming on a regular basis to avoid flea and tick infestations. Prices vary depending on size and can range from 350 to 200 dirhams.

Training and Exercises

The amount of physical activity your dog requires is highly influenced by his breed. When choosing a puppy, bear in mind the exercise requirements of the breed. If you already lead an energetic living routine, it is not a smart choice to get an active dog breed. Instead, consult with your veterinarian for a suitable exercise regime that will help your dog remain safe and healthy without causing him pain.In your everyday life, there are many ways to help your doggy exercise and maintain a healthy life

Walking: A simple walk around the neighborhood for your dog is a good first step, and it may be sufficient for dogs with lower exercise needs.

Swimming: Swimming is ideal for dogs with joint issues since it offers moderate exercise

Hide-and-Seek: Hide-and-seek is a fun way to get your dog to move around while still providing positive vibes.  You may also incorporate a chasing game.

Fetch: A game of fetch will never bore your dog, and it is the perfect way to improve their reflexes and adrenaline levels. Most of the time, you must be present when your dog needs to exercise, which helps you and your dog form a stronger bond, so it’s essentially two birds with one stone.


Were you aware that certain names could make training dogs easier? It helps to take a short name that could be heard clearly with a strong vowel-sound. Try to equate their name with positive and enjoyable things as much as you can, instead of negative ones. your dog must view their name in the same way they think of other fun stuff

training your doggy to come must be the first thing you should consider. Go down and request your dog to come by their name. Once they respond, be ecstatic and give them plenty of appreciation. Whenever they’re distracted or not paying attention try to command them to “come” using food or a toy as a reward. You’ll see the advantages of mastering this as your dog grows older.

Mental health and body language

Some of the dog body languages that has been analyzed by experts after years of researching dogs and their behavior has helped us gain a deeper understanding of how the dogs think and feel, and how to communicate with them better in certain situations. For a better pet guide read below.

Questioning: This indicates that the dog is now alert and paying attention when evaluating the situation to decide whether there is any danger or whether any action should be taken.

Submissive/Fear: This dog is terrified and might very well strike if provoked. These gestures are usually given by a dog when he is directly confronting the person who is intimidating him. Anxious dogs can be challenging to train

Playful: The sign means that you are welcome to play with the puppy. Enthusiastic barking or cheerful attacks can follow it. This sequence of signs could be used to show that any prior rough behavior was not intended to cause danger or harm.

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